Accessories to Add to CanAm Spyder For Best Touring Experience

The latest CanAm Spyder is a blend of style and sports performance with long distance comfort. The mechanics at CanAm Spyder offer their customers different equipment combination packages. Each rider defines their long-distance road travel comfort in a different way. Therefore, the motorcycle design and accessories were developed, which add to the style and function simultaneously.

If you plan a motorcycle tour than check CanAm cote à cote usagé [used vehicles display side by side] with normal motorcycles. You will find that CanAm Spyder’s ergonomics is relaxed and is ideal for long-haul touring comfort.

Accessories to add for best touring experience

Stylish trailer

The RT-622 trailer allows taking your things in style. It is the finest trailer, which includes seamless carpeting, lighting as well as styling that complements different roadster models, cast aluminum wheels, coil-over suspension, etc. The trailer has a capacity to hold two golf bags. You will need ST trailer bitch & control module to adjust to the Spyder’s VSS system [Vehicle Stability System].

Saddlebag kit

R-35 Rigid saddlebags are for those, who pack light and have planned few day touring. The saddlebag space fits in full-face helmet. It looks good and can be attached easily. The insides can be accessed, while on the vehicle. Add saddlebag panels that blend with the color of your CanAm Roadster for more customized look.

Adjustable backrest

Adjustable backrest [5 cm of before and after adjustability] can be attached easily to the sport rack for extra comfort to the passenger sharing the tour. You can remove it, while riding solo.

Ultra touring windshield

Ultra touring windshields cuts down the wind or you can stay warm. It is a little larger than the regular shields having settings for 5 different heights. You can easily adjust according to conditions.

Audio system

Long-haul touring experience is incomplete without tunes. AM/FM radio system with two speakers, ability to adjust volumes and change station from handlebar control is appealing.


No need to ask for direction with integrated GPS. Readable bright screen in sunlight with glove-friendly interface adds to convenience. Bluetooth compatibility allows you to hear the directions if you wish. It is designed for UV-resistance, water-proof, and protected from other elements.

The mounting bracket swivels, so you can position the unit as you desire. In addition, the unit gets powered when you are on the vehicle, so need to be concerned about discharged charges.

Comfort seat

Long haul touring can be overwhelming for the butts that bear the body weight. Comfort seats are designed to offer relaxed riding position. You can even add driver backrest for ultimate comfort.