Used Car

Always Get your Used Car from the Best Source

Are you planning to buy a car? Then after the initial research, you must have noticed that there are basically two options available, you can either buy a new or a used car. And when it comes to used cars you could buy it from a private seller or from a certified dealer. But before you take the final call from where to buy you better have a look at the difference between the both to make a better decision.

The basic difference

Take a close look and you will see that there are a lot of differences in purchasing a used car from a private seller and an authorized dealer. Some of the basic differences are:

  • The process of inspection – As per the business law, dealers are not permitted to sell cars that do not fulfill some of the consumer standards. Even after you make a purchase and encounter a problem then the dealer is legally bound to take care of it as per the Department of Trade and Industry. On the contrary, a private seller may or may not disclose the faults to his potential buyer at the time of purchase. The deal may seem attractive by end of the day you may end up investing on a piece of scrap.
  • Warranty – The stock of used vehicle inventory under any licensed dealer is covered by warranty. As per this you get to repair certain defects totally free of cost till your car is under the specified warranty period. Sometimes as promotional offers dealer may even extend this warranty term which acts as an added advantage as a car buyer. But when it comes to a private seller there is nothing called warranty. Here, you should take along your personal inspector, on whose assumption you have to reply.
  • The purchase process – While buying any car, be it used or new you normally put in a lot of effort in analyzing if the cost is worth with some basic research. But in case of a personal seller, such a comparison is not so easy and the process is also quite tiring.

Thing to check if the car is in good condition

In order to ensure that the car you are planning to buy is in good condition you should:

  • Check it under broad daylight
  • Look for rust-free, smooth and even-toned paint
  • Check for any squeak-free fit on body panels, windows and doors
  • Test for hoses, belts and different mechanical parts
  • Check if the fluid reservoirs contains clean contents
  • All switches and lights should be functioning and the car engine must start smoothly
  • Always feel free to question the dealer regarding any irregularities you notice
  • For a second opinion, take a test-drive with a person having a good idea about cars

Why buy online

Purchasing a used car online from the used vehicle inventory of any licensed dealer is perhaps the most convenient way. When you enter into their website, you will come across certain advanced search tools that will easily help you locate the vehicle which you have been looking for. Moreover, the multi-angle photographs along with the detailed specifications make the task even easier.