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Choose your Car’s Headlight Keeping the Safety Factor in Mind

Xenon headlights that are also popularly known as high-intensity discharge headlamps (HIDs) provides about 3 times the light of that of halogen bulbs and emits a much longer pattern of beam. On one hand, where a xenon bulb produces about 3,000 lumens,there a halogen bulb produces only about1,400 lumens. Here, the higher is the rating of the lumen the brighterwould be the lamp. Even the life of xenon bulbs is around 2,000 hours which is twice that of halogen bulbs.Normally, strong beam, bright white light bulbs minimizes the life of a headlight. The first xenon headlight was used in the BMW 7 Series in the year 1991 and eventually it turned out to be the number one choice for several car companies. The white light emitted by these xenon bulbs are similar to that of day light and hence easy on the eyes during the night time.

About halogen lamps

Halogen bulbs are suitable for those who are in search of extra bright headlights for their vehicle and are not ready in investingthousands of euros on xenon scheinwerfer, LED or laser light. The H7 lamps matches perfectly with the longevity of xenon lights. Perfection of the lights of the vehicle is highly essential especially for those who are not used to changing the light bulb in the dark conditions, during rain or snow in the freezing weather. H7 lamps are long-lasting, saves money and are not very expensive. The special features of these H7 lamps vary. Halogen is one of the most cost effective and popular types of headlight that is used in Irish vehicles.Though it is true that halogen lights don’t provide the same type of illumination like xenon lights but they usually last for about 1,000 hours and can be cheaply replaced.

For bad weather conditions

In case of adverse weather conditions and advance safety on the road in all the seasons, some particular types of H7 lamps proves to be an excellent choice as the headlights of your vehicle. The benefits of the H7 bulbs are felt more during bad weather. The all-season halogen headlamps are just ideal for drivers who often travel in the mountains or in the coastal areas with the vehicle amidst fog, storm or snowfall and are looking for better visibility. With H7 lamps you can enjoy more comfort and safety in any weather condition. The yellow headlight in cars not only brings about better visibility but your vehicle can also be traced easily by other road users. Another benefit of this yellow vehicle light is, it is considered by drivers as less glaring.

Consider your safety

With the increasing amount of traffic on the roads perfect lighting solution be it in the form of xenon lamps or h7 lampen is highly essential. Keeping this demand in mind, the online stores have come up with some of the best headlight systems that will seamlessly meet your safety requirements. So, before you get one for your vehicle, convince yourself that it meets the highest performance and quality standard.