Few Facts on Aluminum Auto Body Repair

As the layman, we often associate the entire process of car manufacturing using loads of steel. And we aren’t wrong, as that was the convention followed for ages in the automotive industry. But with the latest technological advances, where the cars are getting manufactured not only keeping in mind the strength but also fuel consumption, owning costs, and safety have replaced the usage of steel by aluminum for many parts. Most recently, most of the leading auto manufacturers are embracing the idea of switching from steel to aluminum for the entire lineups of their vehicle production. Being lighter in weight and also rust-resistant, the advantages of using aluminum in car body are many. And one of these advantages is the process of Aluminum auto body repair, which stands much easier than that of repairing steel, even though it might require special repair techniques.

Advantages of Using Aluminum in Vehicles

The usage of aluminum has turned out to be much beneficial especially for the high-performance vehicles. Ask any experts whose skills are duly certified for aluminum auto collision repair and they can share some interesting facts about aluminum auto repair, including the advantages. If that changes your mind and concept about how car body parts influence the performance and cost of any vehicle, take a look below:

Lightweight: Aluminum weighs much lesser than steel, that allows to make the doors and panels made thicker than before.

Acceleration and Handling: Because of its lightweight attribute, aluminum helps in handling the car better while smoothing down the course of acceleration.

Fuel Economy: Aluminum is also capable of boosting the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, as the engine needs to carry lesser weight in comparison to the time when it had to carry the weight of the steel at various points.

Enhance Safety: Had the aluminum not contributed in the safety aspect, none of the manufacturers would have selected this material to replace the conventional usage of steel. Being lightweight and rust free, the parts that are made of aluminum do not have that tendency to wear off in case it comes in touch with water, mud etc.

What is Certified Aluminum Repair

When aluminum can change the way the car body works, it would be no wonder that the repair work related to these aluminum parts would necessarily demand a different approach. Shifting from steel to aluminum involves different dent-pulling procedures, welding methods and all this will demand a completely different set of equipment. Therefore the mechanics who will do the repair work need to be trained in a certain way, which needs a certification to ensure that they have expertized the skill.

Final Verdict

Since the trend of using aluminum instead of steel has picked up popularity, every collision repair center today is now focusing to pick up this game, recruiting certified mechanics for repairing aluminum based car bodies. Some centers have even taken a step ahead, by making a complete replacement of its mechanics and equipment to become professionally acclaimed as aluminum certified collision repair center and are focusing on training the mechanics to work for each manufacturer who have shifted mostly towards making aluminum cars.