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How to Improve the Sound Quality in your Car

Aside from giving you a great ride, your car can offer you a good music experience. But, some car owners still put up with marginal sound quality while others assemble sophisticated sound systems for their vehicles, the make mistakes during the installation process that keep their system from giving its all. A great car sound system requires decent gear and some knowledge.

Below are some tips to help you improve your car’ sound:

Get New Speakers

Usually, the speakers are the last thing that manufacturers will think about when designing and making your vehicle. Although factory audio systems have gotten better over the last years, a lot of premium systems still make use of inexpensive amps and speakers which do not deliver quality sound. So, by installing a new nice set of aftermarket speakers you can buy from car audio shops near me will make a difference in the sound quality of your system. You can expect to hear tighter bass and more overall clarity.

Pay Attention to Quality when Creating your Music File

Storing more music files in the music player is possible when you use greater compression. And you will find them sounding fine if you listen through earbuds. But, you can expect to lose some frequency information when compressing music. That is why you should not settle for the default setting when you make your music files. In case you prefer to use your car’s MP3 player, smartphone, or iPod, try to use as little compression as possible. A higher bit rate will result in better music.

Add an Amplifier

Regardless of the quality of your speakers, they can only perform their best when you add more power. A separate amplifier will offer cleaner power than any car stereo, making a significant difference in the quality of the sound. You can expect your system to sound better.

Add an Equalizer

Your car’s interior presents some serious issues in terms of sound quality. Plastic and glass surfaces reflect sound crazily while absorbent materials such as carpets, and seat covers soak it up. The majority of car receivers provide treble, bass, and midrange controls and to kill these peaks, you have to add an equalizer.

An outboard equalizer provides you with several points to adjust frequency response. This allows you to iron out the peaks in the system. You can also invest in a parametric equalizer so you can vary the center point and width of every EQ band.