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How to Select the Right Battery for Your Car

In order to choose right battery for your car, you need to refer to your car manual or look at the label on your used battery. Label will indicate its size, Ampere hour, power ratings etc. Looking at that you must choose identical battery for your car.

Following are few considerations in order to choose best cheap car battery for your car.

  • Check the battery capacity

Every battery has certain capacity and based on that their prices are determined. Lower capacity of batteries will naturally be cheaper as compared to high capacity battery. Therefore, while choosing your new battery, make sure that its capacity is same or higher than the existing battery capacity. If you choose lower capacity of your battery then it will not give enough power to your engine.

  • Check the group size

It simply relates to car group or size of your car. This is based on the size of the engine of your car. Also positioning of positive and negative terminals is decided based on the group chosen.

  • Check the date and warranties

Usually, the battery carries a date stamp that indicates its life span. It is like expiry date of any food stuff. Based on the date, the batteries are also provided necessary warranty, which can vary between one month and three months. During warranty period, the battery can be replaced for free.

  • Carry your old battery too

Carry your old battery too so that by looking at it the vendor can suggest you right battery of the same group.

With these details, you can select your new battery for the car.