Palmer Administration Offers Top-of-the-Line Auto Protection Plans to Car Owners

Whether we like it or not, no matter how strong the foundation of your vehicle really is, there comes a moment when it reaches its breaking point, hence making it prone to interior and exterior damage. Among the most common vehicle dilemmas include problems regarding your engine, brakes, cylinder head gasket, air conditioning, alternator, electrical, gearbox, and clutch.

Recent studies by the Power Information Network of J.D. Power in 2014 revealed that there has been an increase in the dissatisfaction of automobile customers due to immediate problems regarding the transmission and engine of their car.

And there is no one better to call for help other than the Palmer Administrative Services Inc. which has been providing drivers exemplary services such as simple claims processing, auto protection plans, friendly customer service, and affordable financing for more than 30 years.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company has been dedicated to giving the customers the best service available that are not only perfect for your car but also for your budget.

Among the car protection plans being made available by the Palmer Administration to its customers include the basic plan, powertrain plan, classic plan, premier plan, royal select plan, and the efficient elite exclusionary plan which is the most versatile option in the six.

The Elite Exclusionary Plan can do it all as it covers everything from your vehicle that range from your engine, brakes, and more. In addition, it also offers an unlimited number of claims, customer support, travel expenses, emergency roadside benefits such as free towing, and a national coverage which means that is not only limited to one dealership

Furthermore, esteemed chief executive officer Michael Shaftel of Palmer Administration has also made the claim services nothing but simple for the customers. In fact, everything the driver needs to do is just to hand over the contact details the mechanic at Palmer Administration and they will do the dirty work for you by informing an agent from your car company about the necessary repairs to be made.

It sounds expensive and yes it is expensive to other auto protection plan companies but not with Palmer Administration.

In an article written by Jim Gorzelany for Forbes Magazine, he stated that consumer reports have found out that many drivers are not going through with the needed repairs or maintenance since it would cost a lot of money.

Gorzelany added that the most economical way to save money pertaining to the life of a vehicle is to find an outstanding and magnificent auto service to avoid any catastrophic problems in the future.

Worry no more. The Palmer Administration team will not only give your car a distinctive service but also provide free financing to prevent drivers from paying a hefty sum of money and helping them save money to help improve the performance of their vehicle.

For more information send Palmer Administration an email at or call them at 800-599-9557.