Ride Comfort in 2019 Genesis G90

If you know the brand Genesis, you must be knowing this simple fact as well, that all the Genesis models are made to strike you with a certain amount of awe and wonder. With every new year revision, the models are getting refreshed with more and more refinement instilled in them. The 2019 Genesis G90 is only one such example. When we first saw a 2019 G90 at the Willow Grove Genesis dealer all we felt about this new edition is it has an undeniable “Athletic Elegance”. Our test drive with it gave us all the experiences that we can shortly term as Ride Comfort, and here is a brief account on how Genesis successfully achieved it.

Elegance with the Athletic Spirit

Once you look at the 2019 Genesis G90 approaching your way, the first thing that is most likely to catch your eye is the magnificently broad Crest Grille that proudly reflects the look and feel of the Genesis family. Then come the LED Headlamps that look surprisingly slick even with their 3-dimensional light sources that enhance not only the visibility but also the opulent appearance of the 2019 G90. After the G90 passes by, or you walk near its rear side, the LED Rear Combination Lamps are there to complete elegant image. In between stands a highly functional, curvature side profile that apart from improving the aerodynamic performance raise the temperature of its hot look that reinforce its prominent presence as a full-size sedan.

Inside Comfort

As you step into the cabin of the 2019 Genesis G90, the luxurious swanky interior features will greet you with all their elegance at once. The Seating wrapped in Nappa Leather get you the natural feel of leather that has not compromised in maintaining the full grain texture, while a stitch line begets the firmness that supports your sitting postures even after a long hour journey. The Genuine Real Wood Trim with top grade veneer finish preserved with natural wood grain create the ideal classic ambience not many luxury cars could achieve yet.

The seats in the 2019 G90 are certified by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken, Germany) as modern and ergonomically sound as both the front and back of the seats can be adjusted in 22 and 14 directions respectively. For enhanced comfort, it has included shoulder slope, headrest adjustments, front bolster and the right amount of cushioning to soothe your nerves.

Drive Comfort

At the Willow Grove Genesis Dealership, the 2019 G90 achieved a stable drive because of the following factors.

The G90 has a highly evolved electronic AWD system that never wavers even while cornering or driving through slippery surfaces. The variable power control of the front and rear wheels, and on the brake sense the current speed of the car and the texture of the road surface to adjust the power.

The Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension (GACS) is an added feature observed in the powertrain that involves a high-performance suspension control system to evenly distribute front and rear damping forces in the vehicle especially when it is driving through risky situations. This also helps in preventing collisions.

The Electronic Shift-by-Wire System help improve the overall ride comfort by making the gear shift smooth and responsive while effectively reducing the external noise and vibration.