What Sets AMG Cars Apart From Non-AMG?

AMG is line or trim or performance division of Mercedes Benz. ‘Standard’ Mercedes cars are tuned and upgraded to offer more aggressive look, extra power, and sportier handling. They are then sold as AMG line. Engines are built manually, which adds some more exclusiveness and flair to trim level. All these combined qualities set AMG apart from non-AMG or ‘Standard’ cars.

Car enthusiasts searching for top-notch performance, styling and handling find these extra trim appealing. Trim level is just like BMW’s M division, Audi’s S line, Lexus F-sport, etc.

Platform difference

Major car manufacturers develop unique platforms. High level R&D and planning goes in developing new platform. These get used in different ways to satisfy different worldwide market segments. For example, the current Mercedes-Benz S-class makes use of W222 platform. However, the difference is its way of using in different markets. In some markets the car –

  • Has less powerful engine
  • Has more powerful engine
  • With stretched edition has spacious leg room and extended wheel base
  • Has security features like bullet-proof glass
  • Has diesel, gas, and hybrid options

Cars on W222 platform ranges from extravagant limousine to uber-powerful AMG style with extremely precise handling. Same platform, comparable overarching dynamics and similar design is applied on each options and models. Unique variations help to offer specific styles and options to interested buyers. This finally enhances the car manufacturer’s outcome.

AMG trim level

Normal Mercedes-Benz model has all standard amenities and is sold at advertised MSRP prices, you can view on the flyers, commercials, and other marketing forms. However, the dealers try to persuade buyers to choose Mercedes-Benz Latest Models because they offer more power, safety features, and other niceties.

AMG Mercedes and Maybach are both top trim level offered. These models are significantly expensive than base Mercedes-Benz models because of their extra features and powers that genuinely justify price bump.

  • AMG line – The cars include basic engine with different body necessaries, alloys, and exhaust. Basically, an access point to AMG.
  • Comprehensive AMG portfolio – Each class car has sibling with upgraded performance, better stability, more improved handling, and extensive carbon fiber use than standard Mercedes counterparts.

Comparison of petrol-based standard Mercedes C-class with its AMG version C63

C-class 200 CGI                       C-63 AMG

  • Cylinders                                       4                                                          V8
  • Power [PS]                                  188                                                      463
  • Torque [Nm]                              285                                                      600
  • Gears                                            5A                                                        7A
  • 0-100                                            9. 8 sec                                           4.2 sec
  • Top speed                                   190 Km/h                             250 – 290 Km/h

This is sufficient to gain an insight of the massive difference between AMG performance level and Non-AMG Mercedes-Benz.