Why Swat Needs Armored Trucks

There is no doubt that jobs in the law enforcement unit could present a much danger to officers. The policemen, for example, are usually exposed and in direct contact with different people, especially those who could be dangerous. However, it is almost impossible to say when or where a certain situation could go out of hand to become violent. So far, statistics have shown that in about two centuries, over  20,000 officers in the law enforcement have lost their lives while on duty due to direct attack. in the past decade alone, over 1500 police officers both men and women have also lost their lives. These statistical records are really scary. Unfortunately, some of the weapons and body armor used by criminals today are military-styled and highly sophisticated that even a standard police weapon is no match.

Many cases have emerged where an armored vehicle became the only barrier between crime response squad and a fully armed and determined culprit. However, in most of these violent scenes, the armored vehicle has been identified as offering great protection to the officers. The vehicle has also helped them achieve great success in getting the gunman down. Though armored vehicles are really expensive, there is a steady increase in crime scenes involving heavy gunfire which implies that you have to spend to save a life.

A well-documented case where an armored vehicle played a vital role in arresting an active shooter scene is that which occurred in Orlando, Florida on the 12th of June, 2016. Here, a determined gunman sprayed bullets in the known Pulse Nightclub killing about 49 people and leaving 58 with bullet wounds. With the aid of an armored vehicle which acted as a battering ram, a wall in the bathroom was hit open letting survivors to freedom.

It is almost impossible for any police officer to predict how violent or armed a criminal could be. Without the armored vehicle, it could have been a mission impossible to rescue the survivors in the Orlando attack with the incident even more fatal. There have been other cases recorded in the past decade where the armored vehicle is seen as an overkill. But they really are. However, it is paramount to have an armored vehicle readily available considering the fact that peoples’ lives are at risk. You don’t have to wait until you need it before going for one, visiting such reliable armored vehicle providers like is a good place to start.